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Charlotte Currah – Virtual Assistant





More Than Your Average Virtual Assistant

At Professional VA we deliver outstanding results across 3 key business areas: General Business Support, Personal Admin Support and Social Media Management.




Save time, money and stress with remote support.

I can look after your business or personal affairs from my remote office – giving you more freedom and allowing you time to achieve your work goals.

When you’re a busy entrepreneur there’s often so much to keep on top of, that taking a break for even an hour can become almost impossible. Do you feel you are inundated in admin that you spend more time sending emails and making phone calls than getting on with the job you set out to do.

If so here at Professional VA I can help you get many hours back in the day and more days to your week, so that you can focus on what you do best. Running your business without having to focus on daily admin task’s and social media management.